August 30th - September 2nd, 2019
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Labor Day Parade

2019 Labor Day Parade Route

The 2019 parade route will be the traditional route, starting at Naperville North High School, heading south on Mill Street, turning east onto Jefferson Avenue, south on Main Street, west on Porter and ending at Naperville Central High School. Click here to see a map of the parade route.


The Labor Day Parade is scheduled for Monday, September 2, 2019 beginning at 10:00 a.m. sharp. Entries are based on ONE vehicle or group.

Due to strictly enforced time constraints and traffic concerns, our focus this year is to keep the parade moving quickly, starting promptly at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 11:30 a.m. While all potential participants are encouraged to be a part of the parade, parade entries are very limited.

The Last Fling Executive Committee will review all entries submitted to determine their eligibility. Confirmation or Denial letters will be sent during August. Confirmation letters will include a map of the parade route, designated drop-off area, specific drop-off time and parade line up number.

2019 Labor Day Parade Guidelines and Information

In our continued efforts to provide a safe and enjoyable Labor Day parade, you agree to accept and communicate the following expectations to all involved with your entry:

  1. If approved you will distribute a copy of your confirmation letter to each participant in your unit. Each participant is required to present copy of their unit's confirmation upon request from Parade Committee or Police.

  2. The Applicant agrees that he/she is responsible for the safety of his/her unit, property connected therewith and persons affiliated with the unit. Should the unit or any property connected therewith be damaged, or should affiliated persons be injured, the Applicant agrees to indemnify the Naperville Jaycees, Naperville Community Charitable Organization Inc, and the City of Naperville against and save them harmless from any and all liability for injury or death of persons, and from damage or destruction to property caused by Applicant.

  3. Entry Applications, Reviewing Stand Information and Entry Fee must be postmarked by July 14. All entry applications and fees received past this date will be subject to late fee as noted above. Mail the Parade Invoice and Entry Fee to PO Box 2372, Naperville, IL 60567-2372.

  4. The Applicant agrees to abide by all applicable city ordinances.

  5. The Applicant acknowledges that the Naperville Jaycees have the authority to govern the conduct and organization of the parade, and the Applicant further agrees to abide by all decisions made by the Jaycees on the day of the parade.

  6. Height of float, flags, or displays is not to exceed 12 feet from road bed to the tallest point. The Naperville Jaycees reserve the right to remove or reposition Applicant from parade route if said height exceeds 12 feet.

  7. The Applicant agrees to accept all future modifications in the Application made and communicated by the Committee, or, in the alternative, withdraw its Application in writing.

  8. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MAY BE THROWN FROM ANY ENTRY!! The Applicant must receive written approval of any items that they would like to distribute to parade spectators. The Applicant further agrees to pass these pre-approved items from hand-to-hand only. Throwing items to parade spectators will be strictly prohibited!

  9. The Applicant agrees that their unit will NOT stop to perform along the parade route. For the safety of participants and spectators we will not allow any large exercise apparatus, such as a balance beam, trampoline, etc. All applicants are responsible for communicating on the front of the Entry Application a detailed description of how their unit will be participating.

  10. The Applicant agrees to properly dispose of any litter they may accumulate around their unit the morning of the parade.

  11. Any Signage/Posters or playing music with vulgar lyrics and profanity is NOT ALLOWED. Signage/Posters and music MUST be suitable for a family audience. You maybe charged $100 per offense and removed from the parade.

  12. The Naperville Jaycees reserve the right to reject any applicant or application for any reason without cause. If you have any questions call the Last Fling hotline at (630) 961-4143 or email parade chairs. Your full application fee will be returned if we are unable to accept you or your group as a participant.


General Admission

Attendance is FREE for the Naperville Jaycees Labor Day Parade.  The remainder of the event is open to all ticketed patrons and FREE for children aged 12 and under with paid adult until maximum capacity is met.  Entrance is on a first-come-first-served basis.  This is a rain or shine, non profit event and no refunds will be given for any reason. EVERYTHING is subject to search upon entry. For your safety, NO WEAPONS, GRILLS, COOLERS, BOTTLES, CANS OR ALCOHOL IN ANY CONTAINER may be brought into the Last Fling. No audio or video recording devices are allowed. Flash photography also may not be allowed due to contractual agreements with the entertainment. Crowd surfing, moshing and fighting are not allowed and patrons involved in such activities will be ejected immediately.


ATMs are provided on Jackson Avenue.