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Naperville Jaycees Last Fling
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2017 Last Fling Executive Committee


Front Row Pictured Left to Right: Denise Pape, Cori Cozort, Helen Taylor, Melissa Gleason

Back Row Pictured Left to Right: Brad Taylor, Tony Barranco, Joe Mensik, Dave Prinzi

Helen Taylor – Executive Director

Helen has been a member of the Jaycees for the past 10 years and has volunteered at the Last Fling ever since joining.  She has been on the Executive Committee for 3 years and now as Director, is excited to watch the amazing feat of the Last Fling from the early planning stages to final execution over Labor Day weekend.  She also loves to watch all of the patrons enjoy what the Last Fling has to offer.  Helen enjoys working with her fellow Jaycees and is proud of all of the hard work the Jaycees do to raise money for the Naperville community.  Click HERE to email Helen.

Denise Pape - Administrator & Manpower

Denise has been the admin for the Last Fling since January 2015. Her favorite part about Last Fling is seeing everything come together. Being the admin, she gets to work on the behind the scenes details from filing of permits to breaking down the event. The whole experience is very rewarding for her and makes for a memorable weekend for the city, attendees, and volunteers who work the event. For Admin Questions, Click HERE to email Denise. For Manpower, Click HERE to email Denise.

Melissa Gleason - Finance

Melissa joined the Jaycees in 2012 and has been involved in many different events.  Involvement in the Last Fling has included Food Vendor Co-Chair (2012), Executive Committee over Family Fun Land & Special Events (2013 & 2014), and Family Fun Land Chair (2015).  After taking a break last year to start a family she is excited to get back involved.  Her favorite part of the Last Fling is how it brings the community together over Labor Day weekend and seeing families enjoy the festival. Click HERE to email Melissa.

 Dave Prinzi - Logistics

Dave has been a member of the Naperville Jaycees since 2010 and has enjoyed every aspect of the organization.  He has chaired the transportation aspect of the Naperville Jaycees Last Fling twice during his time working with the Fling.  This year he will take over the Executive Committee position of Logistics, making sure everything goes where it needs to be and when it needs to be there.  Every year he is amazed at how a group of volunteers work together to put on such a large and amazing event that benefits the community.  Click HERE to email Dave.

Cori Cozort - Family Fun Land & Special Events

Cori joined the Jaycees in 2014 and has been actively involved in several positions.  This is her first time serving on the Executive Committee, but she has previously been involved with the Last Fling as the Food Vendor chair and served as a member of the Beverage Committee.  Cori enjoys seeing volunteers from the Jaycees and the community come together to put on an amazing festival.  For Special Events, Click HERE to email Cori. For Family Fun Land, Click HERE to email Cori.

Joe Mensik - Entertainment & Ticketing

Joe has been a member of the Naperville Jaycees for the past 12 years and has volunteered at the Last Fling since 2005.  He was on the Executive Committee in 2011 and has served in many various roles over the years, including serving as Family Fun Land Chair, Transport Chair and assisting on the security, logistics, and ticketing teams.  He is looking forward to bringing a great entertainment lineup to the Last Fling this year and welcoming the thousands of people who show up for our great event each year!  He is grateful to be surrounded by some great folks within the Jaycees organization and look forward to working side by side with them over the Labor Day weekend while raising money to donate back to the Naperville and surrounding communities. For Entertainment, Click HERE to email Joe.  For Ticketing, Click HERE to email Joe.
Tony Barranco - Food & Beverage
Tony has been a member of the Naperville Jaycees since 2005.  He started out as a general volunteer in sponsors & rentals before getting involved with Beverage.  His wife, Steph, was on the EC in 2009 and he in 2012 where he was the Beverage & JC Food chair. In 2013 & 2014 he was the Finance Chair.  A fond memory he has of the Last Fling is being in Junior High and going to it with his friends.  The excitement and anticipation that was generated is one he will never forget.  He remembers going to Fling in 8th grade and then having to come home on Labor Day and do his homework for the next day. Tony thoroughly enjoys being on the EC for so many years.  His hopes is that someday that his children will become Jaycees and be involved with the Last Fling.  Giving back to our community is important and the Last Fling, in conjunction with the Jaycees, affords us that opportunity.  Click HERE to email Tony.


2015 Last Fling Sponsor
2015 Last Fling Sponsor
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